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All of Your Moving Questions Answered

At Asbury Park Moving Companies, we believe it is important for you to ask questions and us to answer them. You need to know what to expect on move day and we will prepare you as best as possible. Below, you will find some of our most commonly asked questions along with their answers. If you find that you still have a question, call our office today at 732-582-4080.

Can I receive an estimate for moving services?

Yes. Asbury Park Moving Companies provides FREE moving estimates. If you would like to receive a quote for service, please call our office today at 732-582-4080.

Can my children and animals be home during the move?

We recommend that your children and animals are not home during your move, but we understand that you may not be able to find a babysitter or pet sitter for them to go to. If your children and pets needs to be home, we ask that you please keep an eye on your children, so that our movers can pick up your furniture and remove it from your home without worry. We also ask that your pets be placed in carriers so that they don’t get injured as we are trying to do heavy lifting around your property. Yes, that’s right – we take care of all of the heavy lifting for you.

Can you move my large fish tank?

Yes. Our movers have the skills needed to move glass aquariums and fish tanks. We do ask that you remove the fish from the water and place them in an appropriate carrier. We also ask that you drain all water from the tank, as it cannot be moved if the water is in it.

Are there prohibited items?

Yes. Unfortunately, we cannot take all of your items with us in the truck for safety reasons. We do have a list of prohibited items and we ask that you familiarize yourself with it. Some of the items we will not transport include frozen foods, live plants, animals, chemicals, and flammable items.

If you come across an item and you are unsure if we will take it or not, please ask us before it is placed on the truck.

What happens if one of my items is damaged?

We do our best to protect all of your items and never try to damage your belongings. Unfortunately, accidents do occur and unforeseen events may pop up such as damage to your furniture or a broken item. If this event does occur, you can rest assured that we will handle it for you. Our company is insured for your protection and the protection of your items.

When our movers arrive at your home, they will look over your items with you and note any current damage before the move. When your items arrive at your new location, we will look over the items again to inspect for any damage that may have occurred.